Round 1 – Summary

I’m not keeping a score card because I like to add my own creativity to a challenge. But I do like to keep some kind of track record, because I’m just a wee bit chaotic and I need something to keep my brains going in a straight line 😉

Round 1 – Autumn is over and Round 2 – Winter has arrived. But before I start with the summarizing stuff, here are some nice scenic winter pics of Aurora Valley covered in snow!

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Round 1 – The Newman family

The last family of this round has arrived! I kind of expected this to be the most boring family. But because I installed ACR during the playtime of this family, things did turn out to be a little more exciting than I thought.

I hope you enjoy the dilemma’s in the life of ambitious single mother Heather Newman and her little boy Austin!

The Newman family

Heather had moved to Aurora Valley to live her life to the fullest. She’s an ambitious young woman and was very excited about working in the entertainment business. Because there was no work for her in the neighborhood, she bought a little pink VW beetle to drive to work every day.

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The First Community Lots!

Yep, It’s really becoming a little community now. The first two community lots have been added to Aurora Valley: a grocery store and a church. After playing the Walker family, I thought I heard some wedding bells so a church would be a nice addition to the neighborhood. I also figured that a grocery store would be the most logical other community lot for a small but growing neighborhood.

The Church

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Round 1 – The Walker family

Finally, another update of my prosperity families! The Walker family turned out to be much easier to play than the Campbell family. It was a bit rough at first, but things turned out for the best at the end of this round.

I hope you’ll enjoy the struggles of single father Jack Walker and his kids!

The Walker family

Jack Walker had managed to get his hands on a prime piece of land in Aurora Valley. It was large enough for farming and it already had a little abandoned farm. Jack couldn’t believe his luck, finally his dream of becoming a farmer would come true!

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The good, the bad and the ugly maxis townies…

It’s make-over time! I really, really, really don’t like the maxis townie faces. And somehow I always find something wrong with new default templates available for download. But I’ve discovered the wonders of SimPE’s Sim Surgery! It takes a little time but then those ugly townies finally look like sims I like.

Anyway, I’ll stop blabbering and show you the result of some of my Sim Surgery victims!

Benjamin Long

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Round 1 – The Campbell family

Aaaarg! The Campbell family and my hair both only barely survived round 1. Just like I expected the Campbell family turned out to be the most difficult family to play so far. It’s so hard to earn some simoleans when all you have for the workforce is an elderly lady and a budding teenager after you deduct the costs of a nanny. From here all the other families should be a piece of cake.

Anyway, here are the adventures of Martha Campbell and her grandkids. I hope you enjoy!

The Campbell family

The Campbell family moved into the two trailers opposite to the Jackson family. Martha had hoped for more, but the two trailers were large enough to accommodate her and her grandkids. The kids loved the new surroundings, with so much more room to play than the her small city apartment.

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Round 1 – The Jackson family

Yay! Another family survived the dreaded first round. It was I close call, but then again I never expected that a single parent household with 3 teens and a toddler would be a piece of cake.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the ups and mostly downs of the Jackson family as much as I did 😉

The Jackson family

Their housing turned out to be a bit of a disappointment. All the Jackson family was able to buy with their last simoleans were two run down trailers in Aurora Valley’s trailer park Pine Paradise. Rochelle immediately showed her disliking of their new home: “Ow flaming Llama doody! First we’re homeless, now we’re trailer trash. Could things get any worse?” Unfortunately for Rochelle, their streak of bad luck was far from over yet.

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