Round 1 – Summary

I’m not keeping a score card because I like to add my own creativity to a challenge. But I do like to keep some kind of track record, because I’m just a wee bit chaotic and I need something to keep my brains going in a straight line 😉

Round 1 – Autumn is over and Round 2 – Winter has arrived. But before I start with the summarizing stuff, here are some nice scenic winter pics of Aurora Valley covered in snow!

And another lovely pic of all the homes in Aurora Valley. I really heart seasons, the snow effects are awesome!

And now without further delay on with the facts and figures of Round 1!

Aurora Valley Population

# Sims born: 1

  • Maya West (parents: Michael and Jennifer West)

# Sims died: 0

# Townies moved in: 0

Total Population Aurora Valley after Round 1- Autumn: 21

Aurora Valley Trivia

Current mayor: Michael West (after all 4 seasons a new mayor will be elected!)

# Children saved from the social worker: 4

# Families visited by the repo man: 3

# Sims visited by the shrink: 1

# Sims visited by a social bunny: 0

# Sims moved in/out: 1

  • Yasmin Jones moved in with the Walker family

One response to “Round 1 – Summary

  1. Aurora Valley looks so pretty covered in snow!

    edit: the winter is my all time favorite season! In the sims game that is, because in real life I’d rather take a long vacation to a tropical island than face the nasty rainstorms we get in the winter 😉

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