Round 1 – The Newman family

The last family of this round has arrived! I kind of expected this to be the most boring family. But because I installed ACR during the playtime of this family, things did turn out to be a little more exciting than I thought.

I hope you enjoy the dilemma’s in the life of ambitious single mother Heather Newman and her little boy Austin!

The Newman family

Heather had moved to Aurora Valley to live her life to the fullest. She’s an ambitious young woman and was very excited about working in the entertainment business. Because there was no work for her in the neighborhood, she bought a little pink VW beetle to drive to work every day.

Heather really likes her job, but what she really wants is to start an art gallery. So until she has enough money, she spends most of her free time behind the pottery wheel so she can improve her skills.

The little free time she has left Heather uses for romantic activities. She regularly calls the match maker to see if there is someone special out there.

Unfortunately this doesn’t always lead to a good match. Her very first date ever in Aurora Valley actually turned out horrible. The match maker set her up with the Sim State Uni football coach, and he was the rudest guy Heather had ever met.

Still Heather was having a great time in Aurora Valley. Her mood was always up and that was noticed by her employer. Within no time at all Heather got her first promotion!

Heather had recently made her first friend in Aurora Valley, Komei Tellerman. To celebrate her promotion she decided to invite him for dinner.

Heather made a nice spaghetti dinner with a little wine, and well maybe a lot of wine. And in the end things kind of got out of control 😉

While Heather was making the most of her life, there was hardly any time left for little Austin. The poor boy would cry his lungs out at night but his mother was either busy in the shed working behind the pottery wheel or busy “entertaining” Komei.

He grew up into a handsome little boy, but no thanks to his mother.

Austin grew up strong and healthy thanks to the love and attention his nanny gave him. He spent more time with her than his own mother.

“Nanny Despret, why is my mother always at work?” “Well she has to earn money to pay me, little man!” Austin wasn’t sure what to think of this. He liked his nanny very much, but he loved his mother and desperately wanted to spend more time with her.

To be continued…

Author’s note: ACR was certainly giving this story an interesting twist. The relationship with Komei was entirely Heather’s initiative. It was so funny to see a sim do that while I’m used to controlling my sim’s love life entirely. I will definitely be giving Komei a make over though, because I think he’s …, well… esthetically challenged 😉


4 responses to “Round 1 – The Newman family

  1. Poor little Austin.

    edit:Heather is such a busy girl that she hardly has any time for him. But he grew up well anyway, he’s a low maintenance kind of sim 😉

  2. Aww Austin is an adorable kid 🙂 Lol I just installed ACR too, cant wait to see what kind of mischeif they get up too!

    edit: I really like the fact that they now can have romantic interactions on their own initiative. I kind of always had mixed feelings when I “forced” them to do that kind of stuff, now it’s their own choice 😉

  3. Poor Austin! Especially since Komei is going to be his new daddy, haha. 😉

    edit: Good thing I have SimPE because old Komei isn’t getting into the genepool! But I’m not sure whether Heather sees more in Komei than just one of her many “options”. Just wait and see what ACR (with of course a little help from me) has in store for Heather 😉

  4. Austin’s cute! I don’t know about Komei but, I would never woohoo let alone talk to someone, in a clown suit as ugly as Heather’s! haha!

    edit: I think the clown suit is the best new career outfit that came with Free Time. Heather is doing pretty good career wise compared to the other inhabitants. Because she’s in such a good mood and they’re all miserable!

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