Saturday the 14th

Sometimes I amaze myself with my own stupidity. I accidentally killed my prosperity neighborhood, AGAIN (I had a few earlier attempts at challenges but they all died prematurely, sniff). I downloaded the new FT patch, but it wasn’t living up to my expectations. It actually caused a gypsy bug and increased my loading time so much that I decided to reinstall. Yes, I reinstalled FT but with no backup!!!! This is very, very, very STUPID! And what’s even worse is that this really isn’t the first time my laziness caused me to loose precious sims
Reinstalling any of your EP’s will kill all of your custom neighborhoods, your custom CAS sims and your entire downloads folder.
This all happened last night, while my boyfriend was enjoying himself with the European Soccer Championships. I had too amuse myself and decided to do some simming and then it all went wrong. Well thats Friday the 13th for you 😉 (p.s. I’m really having an unlucky streak, I also burned myself this afternoon while making grilled cheese sandwiches) Anyway, now it’s the next day and I decided not to give up on sim challenges yet. This is actually another opportunity for me to do it even better than before. Yep, I’m somewhat of an optimist.

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Round 2 – The Newman Family

Another update on the Newman family. Heather is a busy career girl and one of the few sims in my neighborhood that actually gets promotions 😉 And of course she’s also busy with spreading her love around except to her little boy Austin.

I hope you enjoy the update!

The Newman Family – Love is blind

Nanny’s can be wonderful cooks but sometimes they really make a mess of it all.

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Round 2 – The Walker Family

The Walker family returns! Now bigger and better since Yasmin Jones, the runaway rock star, has joined the family. This is my chance to try out the big church I made for community lot weddings! No shocking or funny stuff this time, but just a sweet and romantic wedding.

I hope you enjoy the yucky sweetness of this family and of course don’t miss the wedding pics!

The Walker family – Let them eat cake!

Yasmin was quickly making herself at home in the Walker family home. Both she and Jack loved to cook in their big cottage style kitchen.

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Round 2 – The Campbell Family

Things are starting to get a bit crazy in this prosperity challenge. After the Jackson family I expected things to get somewhat dull again, but the Campbell’s decided they just wouldn’t stand for my favoritism. And I must say they succeeded. I really am getting a soft spot for my sim Tiffany Campbell by now, she turned out such a cutie!

I hope you enjoy my rants and raves about the Campbell family!

The Campbell Family – Trailer Park Boys

The Campbell kiddies grew up without a proper birthday party. They just didn’t have enough money to waste on something as decadent as 4 birthday cakes. So it’s no surprise the kids grew up as trailer trash!

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Round 2 – The Jackson Family

I know it’s not fair to my simmies to have favorites, but I just can’t help myself with this family. As boring as the West family is, I never have a dull moment with this one. They were absolutely hilarious at some moments.

I hope you enjoy the chaos and comedy of each and every member of the Jackson family!

P.S. d.d. 23-5-08: Aaargh, I just found out I mixed up Nelson and Malcolm! Malcolm is the oldest of the two and Nelson is the nerdy one. I changed it in my story and comments to make it all work out again 😉

The Jackson family – Legally Blond

Eric has been worrying a lot lately. He worries about his kids not doing their homework, but instead smustling their lives away. He worries about the lack of promotions in his career. And he worries about his love live. He desperately wanted to get married again, to find someone he could spend the rest of his live with.

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Something different…

I haven’t posted a new update of the prosperity neighborhood last week because I was on vacation. I had a wonderful city trip to London with my boyfriend, but now I’m back! The next update will have to wait until the weekend but I did play around with some new sims and some nice custom content. There totally unrelated to Aurora Valley but I thought they are great space fillers 😉

Meet nobleman and dark magician Lord Mandrake Vortigern…

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Round 2 – The West Family

The West family makes it through another round! Unfortunately it’s one of the more boring families. Even though I’ve installed ACR and Jennifer is a romance sim, things remain pretty tame for this family. Maybe I shouldn’t have made family her secondary aspiration 😉

Without me ranting any further about the lack of drama in this family, I hope you enjoy the next season in the life of the good mayor Michael West, his loving wife Jennifer and their darling daughter Maya!

The West Family – Baby hit me one more time!

Things were moving along pretty smoothly for the West family. Their beautiful baby girl grew up into a adorable toddler. She hardly ever cried, always amused herself with her toys and was potty trained in no time at all.

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